Panels of The Great Tapestry of Scotland - Images by Alex Hewitt


Above you will see a slide show of images of the the original drawings for The Great Tapestry of Scotland and ten of the finished panels. Below you will find a full list of the panels and those who gave tirelessly of their time and talents to complete it. Our 1000+ stitchers were all volunteers, led by stitch co-ordinator Dorie Wilkie.

  1. The Great Tapestry of Scotland
    Panel stitched by ‘KA Two’:
    Linda McClarkin
    Carol Whiteford
  1. The Ceaseless Sea
    Panel stitched by:
    Helen Nairn
    Frances MacLean
    Debbie Muir
    Nino Stewart
    Marjorie Watters

Stitched in Kinlochmoidart

  1. Land Formation of Scotland
    Panel stitched by ‘North Berwick Creative Embroidery Group’:
    Carole Bailey
    Angeniet Black
    Audrey Brown
    Tertia Crawford
    Margaret Dinning
    Margaret Holm
    Vi Jones
    Pat Lucas
    Bunty McInroy
    Isobel Russell
    Margaret Struth
    Lyn Vaughan
    Sandra Walker

Stitched in Dunbar, Gullane, East Linton and North Berwick

  1. The Ice Melts, Scotland Emerges, The First Pioneers Come
    Panel stitched by ‘Pioneer Panelbeaters’:
    Eileen Henderson
    Laura Henderson
    Annette Hunter
    Kirsten Hunter

Stitched in Linlithgow and Edinburgh

  1. The Wildwood and its Fauna c8,500 BC;
    Panel stitched by ‘The Edinburgh Tapestry Tenners’:
    Jo Avery
    Joy Dunn
    Joan Houston
    Joan Leslie
    Morag Macleod
    Elizabeth McCall Smith
    Elizabeth McGuigan
    Gill Salvesen
    Katherine Shaw
    Liz Sutherland
    Marjory Watson
    Susan Wexler
    Nikhat Yusaf

Stitched in Linlithgow and Edinburgh

  1. Encampment at Cramond, Scotland’s First House at Barn’s Ness East Lothian c8,000 BC The First Farmers # Build their Monuments c3,000 BC
    Panel stitched by ‘Halflinbarns Schoolhouse Weaving Group’:
    Vi Bathgate
    Frances Fergusson
    Frances Gardiner
    Beth Orr
    Irene Rendells
    Diane Rendells
    Muriel Stuart

Stitched in North Berwick

  1. Broch, Cairn, Quernstone
    Panel stitched by:
    Dianne Laing
    Frances Gardiner

Stitched in North Berwick and East Linton

  1. Pytheas Circumnavigates Scotland c320 BC, Visits Calanais
    Panel stitched by:
    Margaret Macleod
    Mary Macleod

Stitched on the Isle of Lewis

  1. Mons Graupius 83 AD, the Romans Build Walls
    Panel stitched by:
    Caroline M Buchanan
    Anne Hamill
    Susan Lindsay

Stitched in Larbert and Falkirk

  1. Ninian at Whithorn c400 AD
    Panel stitched by:
    Shirley McKeand

Stitched in Dumfries

  1. Irish Warbands Invade, Dalriada Founded, Columba at Iona 563 AD, Dunadd
    Panel stitched by:
    Felicity Blackburn
    Catherine Borthwick
    Helen Brodie
    Morag Keenan
    Eileen MacPhie
    Linda McLean
    Heather Simpson

Stitched in Arisaig, Malliag and Edinburgh

  1. Cuthbert at Melrose c670 AD, Book of Kells, Lindisfarne Gospels
    Panel stitched by ‘Stitchers o’ Stow’:
    Anna Houston
    Helen Houston
    Lorna Lyons
    Patricia McMahon
    Diana Muir
    Karen Nelson
    Serpil Renton
    Amanda Runciman
    Kathleen Runciman
    Libby Runciman
    Elizabeth Simm
    Dorothy Small
    Deborah Wood
    with stitches from the children of Stow Primary School

Stitched in Stow, Galashiels and Lauder

  1. Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses and the arrival of the Angles, 7th to 9th Century
    Panel stitched by ‘The Angle Stitchers’:
    Helen Allan
    Margaret Boe
    Georgina Chapman
    Barbara Downie
    Amelia Little
    Yvonne Tweedie
    Frea Webster

Stitched in Edinburgh and Haddington

  1. The Picts Defeat the Angles at Dunnichen 685 AD
    Panel stitched by ‘Angus Embroidery and Textile Artists’:
    Pat Beaton
    Norman Beaton
    Dot Chalmers
    Linda Clark
    Betty Fotheringham
    Elspeth Foxworthy
    Helen Fulford
    Elizabeth Hill
    Isobel Hyslop
    Deborah Kenward
    Janette Nairn
    Ena Norrie
    Patricia Rae
    Joan Robb
    Iolanta Robertson
    Mary Stephen
    Sandra Taylor
    Linda Walker
    Margaret Wynne

Stitched in Carnoustie, Forfar and Arbroath

  1. The Coming of the Vikings
    Panel stitched by ‘Gaels Stitchers’
    Sheila Forrest
    Heather Forrest
    Catherine Harrison
    Madalene Lee
    Ann MacGilp
    Maureen McKellar
    Maureen Robinson
    Margaret Smith
    Mary Swift

Stitched in Dunoon

  1. The Vikings take Dumbarton Rock 870 AD
    Panel stitched by ‘Artgal’s Rocks’:
    Louise Foster
    Ashley Holdsworth
    Patricia Livingston
    Sarah Muir J
    ulie Robertson

Stitched in Glasgow and Edinburgh

  1. Constantine climbs The Hill of Faith 904 AD
    Panel stitched by ‘Constant Stitchers’:
    Katie Antonio
    Helen Huxley
    Dorothy Maingot

Stitched in Perth and Glencarse

  1. Battle of Carham on the Tweed 1018, The Border Settles in the South
    Panel stitched by:
    Jane Cole
    Val Fairbairn
    Mig Moore
    Carolyn Scott
    Isa Scott
    Margaret Waller
    Moira Wilson

Stitched in Tweedbank and Galashiels

  1. King Macbeth in Moray 1050s
    Panel stitched by:
    Sandra Leith
    Glennie Leith
    Ingrid McGown
    Paddy McGruer
    Rhea Scott

Stitched in Moray and Portsoy

  1. St Margaret at Dunfermline c1080
    Panel stitched by ‘St Margaret’s Stitchers’:
    Brenda Borrows
    Rebecca Brown
    Vonny Burke
    Beryl Butcher
    Sally Clark
    Agnes Mabon
    Kate McDonald

Stitched in Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, Dunfermline and Cairneyhill

  1. The Great Border Abbeys are Built
    Panel stitched by ‘Scottish Borders Embroiderers’ Guild’:
    Alison Delaney
    Catherine Edmundson
    Barbara Farquhar
    Susan Gray
    Ali Halley
    Cathy McCulloch
    Jenni Young

Stitched in Galashiels, Hawick, St Boswells, Jedburgh and Melrose

  1. David I Fosters the Wool Trade c1130s
    Panel stitched by ‘Broomlands/ Roxburghshire WRI’:
    Kathleen Binnie
    Elizabeth Bruce
    Val Horsburgh
    Cathy Simpson
    Joan Turnbull
    Val Van Der Reijden
    Hazel Woodsell

Stitched in Kelso

  1. St Andrews Cathedral
    Panel stitched by ‘Hill of Tarvit Textile Conservation Volunteers NTS’:
    Christeen Anderson
    Soan Cairns
    Alison Docherty
    Ursula Doherty
    Anne Halford McLeod
    Margaret May
    Ann Miller

Stitched in Cupar, Auchtermuchty, Dairsie, Upper Largo, Newport on Tay and Ceres

  1. Duns Scotus and The Schoolmen
    Panel stitched by ‘Embroiderers’ Guild Kelso Branch’:
    Ann Bacon
    Mary Bonsor
    Elizabeth Cuthbert
    Stephanie Dempsey
    Kay Gardiner
    Colina Harris-Burland
    Tricia Marshall
    Alison Minter
    Margaret Mitchell
    Pat Nicol
    Tricia Reynolds
    Anita Rhind
    Rineke Sangster
    Anne White
    Helen Williams

Stitched in Coldstream, Tweedmouth, Hawick, Ednam, Gordon, Kelso and Duns

  1. Somerled, First Lord of The Isles c1160
    Panel stitched by:
    Becky Dacre
    Jill Gosney
    Katherine Maclean
    Seonaid Macleod
    Maria Townsend

Stitched in: Lochaber

  1. Haakon’s Fleet at Kyleakin, Skye and Battle of Largs 1263
    Panel stitched by ‘South Skye Stitchers’:
    Margaret Scott
    Margaret Govier
    Laila Hall
    Ann Hickey
    Julie Mace
    Emma Morrison
    Flora Struthers

Stitched on the Isle of Skye

  1. Death of Alexander III at Kinghorn 1286
    Panel stitched by ‘Fab Four Fifers on the Forth’:
    Dorothy Balfour
    Jean Boath
    Dilys Campbell
    Chris Fair

Stitched in Cairneyhill, Dalgety Bay and Aberdour

  1. William Wallace and Andrew Moray 1290s
    Panel stitched by ‘Perth Embroiderers’ Guild’:
    Lorna Morrison
    Gladys Anderson
    Dorothy Lewin
    Heather Moir
    Anthea Pawley
    Michelle Peet
    Janice Reid
    Wendy Rosier
    Mary Ross
    Pat Scales
    Loretta Whitcomb
    Jeanette Yates
    Margaret Young

Stitched in Perth, Blairgowrie, Methven and Scone

  1. Bannockburn 1314
    Panel stitched by ‘Two Toxophilists’:
    Caroline M Buchanan
    Margaret Martin

Stitched in Falkirk and Stirling

  1. Bruce’s Siege of Carlisle 1315 and Beginning of Little Ice Age
    Panel stitched by ‘Galloway Broderers’:
    Anne Ackerley
    Lorraine Challis
    Helen Keating
    Jane McCandlish
    Linda Murtough
    Marion Owen
    Susie Seed
    Margaret Surplice
    Ruth Williams
    Children of Kirkbean Primary School

Stitched in Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkbean, Castle Douglas, Melrose and Carsphair

  1. The Black Death, Deserted Farms c1350s
    Panel stitched by:
    Michael Blacklock
    Catherine Hamilton
    Liz Sanderson

Stitched in Melrose and St Boswells

  1. St Andrews University 1413
    Panel stitched by:
    Elizabeth Bracher
    Thelma Grieg
    Kate Scorgie

Stitched in Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, and Kilconquhar

  1. Ancient Universities
    Panel stitched by:
    Wendy Ewart
    Lindsey Fraser
    Vivian French
    Lesley Kerr
    Elizabeth Laird
    David McDowall
    Vikki Reilly
    Anna Renz
    Kathryn Ross
    Jan Rutherford
    Liz Short
    Gillian Small
    Eleanor Updale
    Lesley Winton
    Anna Winton

Stitched in West Linton, Aberdour and Edinburgh

  1. Orkney and Shetland Ceded by Denmark to Scotland 1469
    Panel stitched by ‘Shetland Needleworkers’:
    Sheila Peterson
    Patricia Brown
    Helen Burgess
    Rita Fraser
    Maureen Harkness
    Mali Hewamanage
    Sylvia Jamieson Juliet Nicolson

Stitched on Shetland

  1. Rosslyn Chapel
    Panel stitched by ‘The Apprentice Stitchers’:
    Fiona McIntosh
    Anne Beedie
    Margaret Humphries
    Jean Lindsay
    Jinty Murray
    Philippa Peat
    Barbara Stokes

Stitched in Roslin

  1. Chepman and Miller set up the first printing press 1507
    Panel stitched by ‘The Bobbin Stitchers’:
    Anne Mackinnon
    Meriel Tilling

Stitched in Loanhead and Dalkeith

  1. Blind Harry
    Panel stitched by ‘Sangstream Stitchers’:
    Anne Rowe
    Jane Angel
    Sheila Capewell
    Nancy Davis
    Shauna Dickson
    Kate Frame
    Maureen Morris
    Marion Mullins
    Katharine Proudfoot
    Gill Simpson
    Donna Watt
    Helen Wyllie

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Harris Waulking
    Panel stitched by ‘Wester Ross Waulkers’
    Liza Adam
    Melinda Christmas
    Lennie Cole
    Isobyl la Croix
    Fiona Macintyre

Stitched in Gairloch

  1. Flodden 1513
    Panel stitched by ‘Flodden Embroiderers’:
    Helen De Le Mar
    Caroline Proctor
    Diane Skene
    Belinda Trustram Eve

Stitched in Tongue

  1. The Three Estates, Greatest Scottish Play
    Panel stitched by ‘The Schroders’
    Lynne Schroder
    Jim Schroder

Stitched in Callander

  1. Court of Session
    Panel stitched by:
    Mhairi MacDonald-Greig

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Scottish Reformation, A School in Every Parish, 1560s
    Panel stitched by ‘St. Thomas’s’:
    Gladys Bennett
    Audrey Axon
    Alison Bogie
    Sue Brown
    Irene Brydon
    Fiona Campbell
    Wilma Finlayson
    Mark Gilmour
    Kay Hush
    Verity Macfarlane
    Margaret Mitchell
    Agnes Murray
    Belinda Petherick-Kerr
    Mhairi Taylor
    Chris Young

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Mary Queen of Scots
    Panel stitched by ‘Hopetoun Tapestry Conservation Volunteers’:
    Morag Austin
    Margot Baird
    Jane Beth Brown
    Sallie Bryson
    Martha Creasey
    Alison Docherty
    Charlotte Docherty
    Ros Duffy
    Gillian Gyte
    Maureen Johnson
    Beryl Johnston
    Helen Kelly
    Isobel Potts
    Rita Poulter

Stitched in Hopetoun, Edinburgh and Lancashire

  1. The Border Reivers, Rescue of Kinmont Willie 1596
    Panel stitched by ‘Smailholm Stitchers’:
    Isabel Atkinson
    Avril Blown
    Fiona Brown
    Denise Hunter
    Derrick Jowett
    Robyn Kinsman Blake
    Susan Mason
    Veronica Ross
    Sally Scott Aiton
    Margaret Shaw
    Margaret Skea
    Catherine Tees

Stitched in Smailholm

  1. Robert Carey’s Ride from London to Edinburgh 1603
    Panel stitched by ‘Ageing Well Edinburgh’:
    Robina Brown
    Caroline M Buchanan
    Linda Garcia
    Laura Kempton Smith
    Kath Laing
    Sheila McFarland
    Sheila Miller
    Mary Stewart
    Ruth Watson

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. The Making of the King James Bible 1611
    Panel stitched by ‘Heirs of 1843’:
    Fiona Anderson
    Marie Austin
    Winifred Cumming
    Lilias Finlay
    Mary Godden
    Nan Laird
    Dorothy MacKenzie
    Jean Mackinlay
    Christine MacPhail
    Deborah Miller
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Maggie Morley
    Jean Morrison
    Judith Pickles
    Maggie Romanis
    with stitches from 30 members of St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, Edinburgh

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Dawn of the Ulster Scots
    Panel stitched by ‘Crewel Chicks ‘n’ Dave’:
    Kate Edmunds
    Shona McManus
    Elizabeth Raymond
    Mary Richardson Dave Richardson

Stitched in Tranent, Cockenzie and Dunbar

  1. Witches
    Panel stitched by ‘The Coven’:
    Jill Brennan
    Val Cowan
    Joan Doig
    Emma Mackenzie
    Elizabeth Smith

Stitched in North Berwick, Athelstaneford, and East Saltoun

  1. The National Covenant at Greyfriars Kirkyard 1638
    Panel stitched by ‘3inEH3’:
    Mhairi MacDonald-Greig
    Elizabeth Mason
    Margo Mason
    Blanka Peters

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Drovers
    Panel stitched by ‘The Highland Stitchers”
    Barbara Campbell
    Agnes Greig
    Penny Stevenson
    Pat Thornton

Stitched in Muir of Ord, Culloden Moor and Beauly

  1. Montrose Defeated at Philiphaugh Near Selkirk 1645
    Panel stitched by ‘Ettrick & Yarrow Stitchers’:
    Alison Blackadder
    Ann Hardie
    Sandra Howat
    Margaret Robinson

Stitched in Selkirk

  1. The Killing Times in 1680s, Field Conventicle at Irongray
    Panel stitched by ‘EH12 group’:
    Alison Bruce, Lady Marnoch
    Vivienne Cameron
    Jennifer Harding-Edgar
    Sue Kerridge
    Steve Shillito
    Leona Thomas
    Chris Young
    with stitches from some members of the EAL and other ASL services at East Neighbourhood Centre, Edinburgh

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Massacre at Glencoe 1692
    Panel stitched by ‘Ben Nevis’:
    Norma Callison
    Sandra Casey
    Karen Lees
    Daphne MacLean
    Johan Morton
    Gillian Oram

Stitched in Fort William and Roy Bridge

  1. Bank of Scotland Founded 1695
    Panel stitched by ‘Blacket Stitchers’:
    Alison Cunningham
    Aileen Gardiner
    Jen McDowell
    Roz Preston
    Sue Ross Stewart
    Rie Stevenson

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. The Darien Scheme
    Panel stitched by ‘Lasy Daisy’:
    Liz Cameron
    Lesley Evans
    Margaret Lyon
    Sheena MacDonald
    Isobel Potts
    Rita Poulter
    Jean Thomson

Stitched in Edinburgh and Ceres

  1. The Act of Union, Edinburgh, 1707
    Panel stitched by ‘The Craiglockhart Crew’:
    Margaret Beck
    Moira Davidson
    Mary Gillespie
    Marysia Holmes
    Maureen Johnson
    Margot McDowall
    Dorothy Morrison
    Deborah Pearce
    Margo Taylor
    Alison Wardlaw
    Ann Williams

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Jacobite Rising 1715, Chaotic Battle at Sherriffmuir
    Panel stitched by ‘Dunblane Group’:
    Judith Abbott
    Heather Bovill
    Caroline B Buchanan
    Maud Crawford
    Jenny Haldane
    Mavis Oldham
    Mary Storrar
    Lysbeth Wilson

Stitched in Dunblane, Stirling, Auchterarder

  1. Modern Kilt Invented, Lochaber 1723
    Panel stitched by ‘Smailholm Group’:
    Isabel Atkinson
    Avril Blown
    Fiona Brown
    Denise Hunter
    Derrick Jowett
    Robyn Kinsman Blake
    Susan Mason
    Veronica Ross
    Sally Scott Aiton
    Margaret Shaw
    Margaret Skea
    Catherine Tees

Stitched in Smailholm, Gordon

  1. Jacobite Rising 1745
    Panel stitched by ‘EH41’
    Kathleen Bain
    Candy Richardson
    Avis Moore
    Marjory Smith
    Cindy Sykes
    with stitches by 32 delegates to the Episcopalian Conference ‘Ta See Oursels’

Stitched in Haddington

  1. The Ordnance Survey Begins
    Panel stitched by ‘Inverness & Area’:
    Judie Holliday
    Anne Omand

Stitched in Fortrose, Dochgarroch

  1. English Advance, Gaelic Retreat
    Panel stitched by ‘In Stitches’:
    Jean Gowans
    Tina Hammond
    Carolyn Irvine of Drum
    Helen Jackson
    Diana Munro
    Mairi Skinner

Stitched in Banchory, Letham and Potarch

  1. Royal and Ancient Golf Club Founded in St Andrews 1754
    Panel stitched by ‘Tee’d Off’
    Pat Freeth
    Jennifer Link
    Eddie Link
    Shona Morrison
    Lis Smith
    Sheila Tunstall-James
    Mairi Wheeler

Stitched in Kinross, Glenlomond, Auchtermuchty, Forgandenny and St Monans

  1. First School for Deaf and Dumb Children Established in Edinburgh 1760
    Panel stitched by ‘Cammo Quilters’:
    Katherine Forsyth
    Rosemary Gordon-Harvey
    Avril Green
    Elizabeth Reekie
    Gillian Swanson
    Norma Watkins
    Caroline Watson

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. James Small Invents the Swing Plough 1770
    Panel stitched by:
    Christine Covell
    Sandra Douglas
    Linda Jobson

Stitched in Peebles and Eskbank

  1. Enlightenment Edinburgh, Encyclopaedia Britannica established at Anchor Close 1771
    Panel stitched by ‘Shepherd House Group’:
    Jean Cameron
    Ann Fraser
    Sarah Hynd
    Marianne More Gordon
    Frances Stevens

Stitched in Inveresk, Musselburgh and North Berwick

  1. Edinburgh New Town
    Panel stitched by:
    Catherine Harlick

Stitched in Rhiconich

  1. James Watt and the Steam Engine
    Panel stitched by ‘Campsie Stitchers’:
    Nancy Bailey
    Isobel Shaw
    Jacky Young

Stitched in Glasgow

  1. Tobacco Lords
    Panel stitched by ‘The Last Gasp Group’:
    Marie Abbott
    Jenny Barnett
    Sheila Bruges
    Elma Muir
    Sally Nairn
    Anne North
    Pamella Roberts Hilda Stewart

Stitched in Blairgowrie, Perth and Dunkeld

  1. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Kirkcaldy
    Panel stitched by:
    Louise Foster
    Meg Murray
    Christine Simm
    Jean Taylor
    Fiona Wemyss
    Fiona Wilkie

Stitched in Forgandenny and Edinburgh

  1. David Hume and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Paris
    Panel stitched by ‘Coastal Stitchers’:
    Sheila Baird
    Jean Dawson
    Christina Dougan
    Alison Sanchez-Ruiz
    Esther Sharpley
    Hilary Williams

Stitched in Aberlady, Ballencrieff and Gullane

  1. Highland and Lowland Clearances Gather Pace
    Panel stitched by ‘Links Needlework’:
    Susie Alexander
    Betty Beazley
    Isabel Bryce
    Margaret Cormack
    Helen Deasy
    Sheena Esson
    Liz Farmer
    Edwina Fraser
    Lynn Fraser
    Sheena Fraser
    Cath Fraser
    Margaret Gowans
    Ada Grant
    Kathleen Grant
    Marion Hailstone
    Sheila Hamilton
    Cath Hay
    Stephanie Hoyle
    Cathy MacGillivray
    Janet Mackenzie
    Anne Marie Mackenzie
    Margaret MacLennan
    Evelyn Main
    Mary McBean
    Mairi Neilan
    Evelyn Reid
    Ann Sutherland
    Dorothy Sutherland
    Ingrid Wallace
    Mary Williams

Stitched in Nairn

  1. Home weaving, reeling and spinning
    Panel stitched by:
    Jacqueline Walters

Stitched in Thurso

  1. James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth, Siccar Point, Berwickshire
    Panel stitched by ‘Crewel Chicks ‘n’ Dave’:
    Kate Edmunds
    Shona McManus
    Elizabeth Raymond
    Mary Richardson
    Dave Richardson

Stitched in Tranent, Cockenzie and Dunbar

  1. James Boswell and Smoked Fish
    Panel stitched by ‘The Coburg Ladies’:
    Catherine Aitken
    Sarah McCabe
    Margaret McCabe
    Annie Wright

Stitched in Prestonpans

  1. The Forth and Clyde Canal, Irish Navvies, Burke and Hare
    Panel stitched by ‘Whippity Stouries’:
    Christine Simm
    Jean Taylor
    Fiona Wilkie

Stitched in Bo’ness

  1. Scotland and the Drive for The Empire
    Panel stitched by ‘The Meikle Family’:
    Graham Meikle
    Fiona Meikle
    Annabel Meikle

Stitched in Pathhead and Edinburgh

  1. Robert Owen and New Lanark 1783
    Panel stitched by ‘New Lanark’:
    Lea Barrie
    Janice Glover
    Nancy Howat
    Tamara Jones
    Julia McMurray
    Lesli Paterson
    Marjorie Romer
    Pat Strong
    Liz Young
    with stitches by members of the New Lanark Trust staff

Stitched in Lanark and Glasgow

  1. Robert Burns’ Tam O’Shanter 1791
    Panel stitched by ‘Blister Sisters’:
    Mary Doherty
    Maureen Finlay
    Margaret Mitchell
    Margaret Potter

Stitched in East Calder

  1. The False Alarm, Threat Of Napoleonic Invasion 1801
    Panel stitched by ‘Lady Stitchers’:
    Sonya Anderson
    Phyllis Hogg
    Barbara Plevin

Stitched in Broxburn and Port Seton

  1. Henry Raeburn
    Panel stitched by:
    Jennifer Myles

Stitched in South Queensferry

  1. Walter Scott, Early 19th Century, Romantic Scotland and the Beginnings of Tourism
    Panel stitched by:
    Catherine Guiat
    Eileen Henderson
    Annette Hunter

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Fingal’s Cave
    Panel stitched by ‘Scoraig Stitchers’:
    Alison Barr
    Jill Beavitt
    Aggie Brudenell
    Kath Bush
    Catherine Dagg
    Anthea Douglas
    Nick Lancaster
    Joany McGuire
    Susan McSweeney
    Jessie Millard
    Hugh Piggott
    Djinni Van Slyke

Stitched in Dundonnell

  1. The Scotsman founded 1817
    Panel stitched by ‘The Penicuik Team’:
    Joan Cape
    Mary Darling
    Deborah Hall
    Fiona Hutcheson
    Isobel Ritchie Jan Young

Stitched in West Linton, Penicuik and Roslin

  1. George Smith founds The Glenlivet Distillery 1824
    Panel stitched by ‘Granite Quoins’:
    Zuzana Banicova
    Pamela Brice
    Pamela Cook
    Bruce Duncan
    Josephine Duncan
    Dilly Emslie
    Coral Goldfarb
    Heather Hutton
    Ewan Jeffrey
    Oma Kapilla
    Rudra Kapilla
    Carole Keepax
    Maria Mirick
    Michelle Morgan
    Tracy Nelson
    Sarah Richardson
    Catherine Stollery

Stitched in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Monymusk and Laurencekirk

  1. Borders Tweed
    Panel stitched by ‘Melrose Group’:
    Elizabeth Chalmers
    Ruth Dall
    Mary Wilson

Stitched in Melrose and St Boswells

  1. The Growth of Glasgow 1820s
    Panel stitched by ‘Glasgow Society of Women Artists’:
    Helen Abdy
    Susan Black
    Lyn Dunachie
    Adrianne Foulds
    Netta Hunter
    Margaret Murphy
    Ingrid Parker
    Ann Rennie
    Ann Wilson

Stitched in Glasgow

  1. Sheep shearing
    Panel stitched by ‘Pentland Stitches’
    Ali Cameron
    Sara-Jayne Donaldson
    Hilda Ibrahim
    Angela E Lewis
    Meg Macleod
    Ann Mair
    Carmel Ross

Stitched in Thurso, Dunnet and Caithness

  1. First Reform Act
    Panel stitched by ‘Pentland Stitchers’:
    Tish Alderson
    Anne Chater
    Lois-May Donaldson
    Aileen Gardiner
    Diana Gordon Smith
    Viv Henderson
    Anthea Johnston
    Jeannie Laidlaw
    Caroline Pearson
    Mary Warrack

Stitched in Edinburgh, Milnathort, Eskbank and Dalkeith

  1. Kirkpatrick McMillan
    Panel stitched by ‘Pans People’:
    Susan Findlay
    Frances Glynn
    Avril Harris

Stitched in Prestonpans and Longniddry

  1. Victoria at Balmoral 1850-60s
    Panel stitched by ‘Glenisla’:
    Heather Berger
    Claire Broadhurst
    Sheila Bruce
    Catriona Campbell
    Pippa Clegg
    Olive Duncan
    Jeanette McGill
    Mary Ogilvie
    Christine Palmer
    Kirsty Palmer

Stitched in:
Blairgowrie, Abernyte, Edinburgh, Kirriemuir

  1. Disruption
    Panel stitched by ‘Heirs of 1843’:
    Fiona Anderson
    Marie Austin
    Winifred Cumming
    Lilias Finlay
    Mary Godden
    Nan Laird
    Dorothy MacKenzie
    Jean Mackinlay
    Christine MacPhail
    Deborah Miller
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Maggie Morley Jean Morrison
    Judith Pickles
    Maggie Romanis

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Scots in India
    Panel stitched by ‘Wardie Church Stitchers’:
    Ann Bell
    Karen Bowman
    Susan Dyer
    Rhona Else
    Susan Fraser Jean Jenkins
    Frances Mackinnon
    Fiona Mauritzen Jane Prowse
    Barbara Purdie
    Janet Rust
    Susie Standley
    Jean Temple

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Hill and Adamson
    Panel stitched by ‘Floral Ring’:
    Annalise McBride
    Margot Miller
    Hazel Stewart
    Heather Young

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. The Railway Boom and the Forth Rail Bridge
    Panel stitched by ‘Fifan Leddies’:
    Margaret Caldwell
    Jennifer di Folco
    Margaret Ewan

Stitched in Burntisland, Anstruther

  1. A Caithness School 1851
    Panel stitched by ‘Caithness Textile Artists’:
    Valerie Barker
    Joan Dancer
    Louise Hunt
    Dorothy Johnston
    Ella Lawrence
    Shirley MacLeod
    Celia More Catherine Swanson

Stitched in Lybster, Wick, Thurso and Halkirk

  1. Celtic and Rangers Old Firm
    Panel stitched by ‘The Glasgow Banner Group’:
    Marilyn Caddell
    Clare Hunter
    Mary McCarron
    Grace Pratt
    Norma Ventisei
    Agnes Wylie

Stitched in Bishopbriggs, Uddington, Balquhidder, and Lanark

  1. Irish Immigration after the Famine
    Panel stitched by ‘Trinity Stitchers’:

Joyce Ager
Muriel Cleland
Doreen Guy

Stitched in Edinburgh and North Berwick

  1. James Clerk Maxwell
    Panel stitched by ‘The Gladsmuir Group’:
    Patricia Coupe
    Pru Irvine
    Susanne Lowe
    Celia Williams

Stitched in Gladsmuir, West Garleton, Pencaitland, Pathhead

  1. Scotland in Africa
    Panel stitched by ‘St Blanes Group’:
    Judith Abbott
    Caroline B. Buchanan
    Maud Crawford
    Sarah Gammell
    Fiona Gibson
    Jenny Haldane
    Dorothy Morton
    Libby Taylor
    Anne Thomson

Stitched in Murthly, Callander, Port of Menteith and Duns

  1. Highland Games
    Panel stitched by ‘Strathpeffer Craft & Craic Group’:
    Carole Bancroft
    Mary Bethune
    Janet Bowen
    Kit Bowen
    Patricia Haigh
    Clara Hickey
    Morag Hickey
    Pat Justad
    Laura Lee McWhinney
    Alison Munro-White
    Audrey North
    Denise Page
    Grace Ritchie

Stitched in Strathpeffer and Garve

  1. Scottish Rugby Union Founded 1873, First match between England and Scotland
    Panel stitched by ‘The Mascots’:
    Margaret Ferguson Burns
    Maeve Greer
    Kathleen Grigor
    Margaret Hill
    Janet Speirs

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Shinty and Curling
    Panel stitched by:
    Susie Finlayson
    Linda Jobson

Stitched in Eskbank and Dalkeith

  1. Scots in America, 19th Century Emigration
    Panel stitched by:
    Sally Wild
    Frances Fettes

Stitched in Eskbank

  1. Paisley Peacock
    Panel stitched by ‘Cplus3’:
    Lorna Chapman
    Catherine Hughes
    Julie MacNaughton
    Hazel Pert

Stitched in Glasgow

  1. Battle of The Braes, Skye, 1882, Napier Commission
    Panel stitched by ‘Skye Quilt Studio’:
    Sue Cooper
    Irene Curren
    Lin Leighton
    Jennifer Lewis
    Liz Macleod
    Ann Nicolson
    Irene Owen
    Barbara Rutterford
    Anne Trimmer
    Shirley Urquhart

Stitched on Skye

  1. Paisley Lady
    Panel stitched by:
    Frances Gardiner
    Gillian Hart
    Yvonne Murphy
    Jeannie Roberts

Stitched in Port Seton, North Berwick

  1. Robert Louis Stevenson
    Panel stitched by ‘Stitchers wi’ Smeddum’:
    Ann Dickson
    Lynn Fraser
    Janet Macaulay
    Liz Neilson

Stitched in Tranent and Pencaitland

  1. Workshops of the Empire
    Panel stitched by ‘Linlithgow Stitchers’:
    Christine Anderson
    Hazel Briton
    Gloria Fleming
    Aileen Rasberry
    Valerie Spence
    Patricia Swan

Stitched in Linlithgow and Falkirk

  1. Scottish Trades Union Congress Forms in Glasgow 1897
    Panel stitched by ‘Clydeside 5’:
    Rosalind Jarvis
    Jane Logan
    Jacky Mackenzie
    Jim Mulrine
    Carol Woodward

Stitched in Glasgow

  1. Keir Hardie
    Panel stitched by ‘Smith Stitchers’
    Rita Smith
    Shirley Smith
    Audrey Smith

Stitched in Falkirk and Glasgow

  1. Herring Girls
    Panel stitched by ‘Herring Gulls’:
    Alison Dickson
    Janet Raeburn

Stitched in North Berwick

  1. The Discovery Sails from Dundee
    Panel stitched by:
    Barbara Bell
    Ursula Doherty
    Tessa Durham
    Catherine Jones
    Dawn White

Stitched in Newport on Tay

  1. Dundee: Jute, Journalism
    Panel stitched by ‘3J’:
    Eleanor Arthur
    Margaret Purvis
    Marilyn Rattray
    Alister Rutherford
    Jessie Sword

Stitched in Broughty Ferry and Dundee

  1. Shetland, Ibster Sisters
    Panel stitched by ‘Pentland Stitches’:
    Ali Cameron
    Sara-Jayne Donaldson
    Angela E. Lewis
    Meg Macleod
    Ann Mair
    Carmel Ross

Stitched in Thurso, Dunnet and Caithness

  1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Designs Glasgow School of Art
    Panel stitched by ‘The Dotty Stitchers’:
    Irene Mitchell
    Lindsay Morrison
    Marion Nimmo
    Christine Rettig
    Kate Ross
    Dorothy Stalker
    Sue Whitaker
    Susan Wylie

Stitched in Erskine, Glasgow, Clydebank and Renfrewshire

  1. Munros
    Panel stitched by:
    Joan Kerr

Stitched in Fort William

  1. The First World War
    Panel stitched by ‘EH6 Group’:
    Sorrell Bentinck
    Alison Black
    Andrea Bloomfield
    Lucinda Byatt
    Cherry Campbell
    Fiona Campbell Byatt
    Sarah Conlon
    Karen Howlett
    Naomi Jennings
    Yoshiko Nakano
    Alison Roarty

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. The Building of HMS Hood, Battle of Ypres 1917
    Panel stitched by ‘The Appin Stitchers’:
    Joy Blakeney
    Jean Breckenridge
    Helen Currie
    Doreen Evans
    Janet Fairbairn
    Midge Gourlay
    Fiona Hunter
    Margaret Rayworth
    Morag White
    Anne White
    Pat Wyeth Webb

Stitched in Appin, Port Appin, Benderloch and Barcaldine

  1. Elsie Inglis
    Panel stitched by:
    Fiona Kirton
    Jo Macrae
    Deborah Ramage

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. The Sinking of HMY Iolaire off Stornoway, 1919
    Panel stitched by ‘Sea-Mistresses’:
    Tracey MacLeod
    Moira MacPherson
    Gillian Scott-Forest

Stitched in Harris, South Uist

  1. Eric Liddle
    Panel stitched by ‘The Liberton Connection’:
    Rosemary Leask
    Sheila MacIsaac

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Women get the Vote
    Panel stitched by ‘Soroptimist International of Edinburgh’:
    Edith Elliot
    Jane Green
    Clephane Hume
    Winifred Keeves
    Isabel Smith

Stitched in Dalkeith and Edinburgh

  1. Whaling
    Panel stitched by:
    Rebecca Fish
    Alasdair Fish
    Rosalind Neville-Smith
    Joyce Peace
    Hazel Shearer
    Molly Shearer
    Leah Shearer

Stitched in Orkney

  1. General Strike 1926
    Panel stitched by ‘Big County Gals’:
    June McEwan
    Karen Phillpot
    Gill Tulloch

Stitched in Pitlochry

  1. Fair Isle
    Panel stitched by:
    Marietta di Ciacca
    Edna Elliott-McColl
    Susan Finlayson

Stitched in Port Seton

  1. Hugh MacDiarmid writes A Drunk Man Looks at The Thistle
    Panel stitched by ‘The Albyn Stitchers’:
    Barbara Gregor
    Linda Herd
    Diana Herriot
    Samantha Townsend

Stitched in Livingston

  1. Ramsay MacDonald Prime Minister, Rise of the Labour Party
    Panel stitched by:
    Jenny Allan
    Polly Atkinson Joan Bell
    Ariane Burgess
    Amanda Cooper
    Corinne Davies
    Rian Davies
    Isabel di Sotto
    Jenny Doig
    Daphne Francis
    Anne Gavin
    Mary Haslam
    Jacqui Hassan
    Katyi Hassan
    Linda Jones
    Wilma MacBain
    Fiona MacDonald
    Marjorie Macleod
    Joyce MacNaught
    Shiela McCourt
    Diane McGregor
    Anne Milligan
    Katherine Murray
    Judi O’May
    Frances Powell
    Kathleen Purmal
    Linda Robertson
    Kathleen Ross
    Anne Skene
    Wendy Springett
    Yvonne Stuart
    Davina Thomas
    June Watson
    James Watson

Stitched in:
Burghead, Forres and Findhorn

  1. Great Depression 1930s
    Panel stitched by ‘Kelly’s Cats’:
    Audrey Anderson
    Pat Balfour
    Mary Bibby
    Alison Black
    Heather Bramwell
    Nan Chalmers
    Heather King
    Margaret Moir
    Gail Neiman
    Kay Paul
    Olive Pauline
    Alison Purvis
    Margaret Ruddiman
    Maureen Stuchbury
    June Willox
    Verna Wilson

Stitched in Aberdeen

  1. Glasgow Tenement
    Panel stitched by ‘Paisley Patter’:
    Marie Connelly
    Gladys Connolly
    Carla Corneli
    Natalie Elliott
    Liz Gardiner
    Christine Gilmour
    Irene Harvey
    Lesley King
    Aga Kulet
    Catherine Lappin
    Morven McAlister
    Margaret McBride
    Paula McKeown
    Margaret Muir
    Anne Ross
    Grant Scott
    Jan Walker
    Rita Winters
    Michaela Wright

Stitched in Paisley, Elderslie, Greenock and Glasgow

  1. The Second World War
    Panel stitched by ‘JHEMMS’:
    Marion Harkins
    Joan Marsh
    Susan Matthew
    Heather Neal
    Eileen Rennie
    Mary Woodward

Stitched in Edinburgh and Musselburgh

  1. The Clydebank Blitz 1941
    Panel stitched by ‘Nervous Needles’:
    Shona Glenn
    Claire McDonald
    Carole Ross
    Marjorie Sinclair

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. Concrete Pill Blocks
    Panel stitched by:
    May Bowie
    Patsy Brown
    Frances Fettes

Stitched in North Berwick and Eskbank

  1. D-Day 1944
    Panel stitched by:
    Margaret Burgess
    Olive McCrone
    Anne Ratigan
    Caroline Scott
    Nicki Slater
    Alison Wood

Stitched in Edinburgh and Winchburgh

  1. The First Edinburgh Festival 1947
    Panel stitched by ‘Festival Group’:
    Jo Allen
    Ann Campbell
    Mairi Campbell
    Heather Davidson
    Alice Henderson
    Eleanor Horton
    Jackie Kemp Jan Kerr
    Le-Anne Koh
    Sue Lougheed
    Delia Marriott
    Janis McGravie
    Moira Nelson
    Kirstin Norrie
    Sigridur Oladottir
    Ffion Reville
    Fiona Roche
    Patsy Seddon
    Heather Swinson
    Linda Swinson
    Margareta Thomson
    Catriona White
    Lois Yelland

Stitched in Dalkeith, Ontario, Port Seton, Edinburgh, Gorebridge and Eddleston

  1. East Kilbride
    Panel stitched by:
    Sandy Andrew
    Ann Arnot
    Sandra Douglas
    Joanna Young

Stitched in:
Eskbank, Edinburgh and West Linton

  1. National Health Service Founded
    Panel stitched by ‘Friends in Fine Embroidery’:
    Lydia Lawson
    June McAleece
    Irene Wood

Stitched in Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay and Kirkcaldy

  1. Television Arrives 1950s: STV Grampian, Border TV, BBC
    Panel stitched by ‘Musselburgh Stitchers’:
    Gaynor Allen
    Susan Finlay
    Sue Henderson
    Rosemary Taylor

Stitched in Musselburgh

  1. Washerwoman
    Panel stitched by:
    Gail Hughes
    Kate MacKenzie

Stitched in Montrose

  1. Cumbernauld New Town
    Panel stitched by ‘Boulton + Conley’:
    Elizabeth Boulton
    Helen Conley

Stitched in Cumbernauld

  1. North Sea Oil Licences Granted 1965, Aberdeen, Nigg Bay
    Panel stitched by ‘Lundie’:
    Catharina Dessain
    Judy Drysdale
    Katherine Ellvers
    Susan Houstoun
    Sylvia Learoyd
    Susan Macgregor
    Fiona Macphie
    Georgie Middleton
    Georgie Sampson
    Caroline Southesk
    Margaret Taylor
    Griselda Thornton-Kemsley
    Patsy Walker

Stitched in Forfar, Angus, Brechin and Laurencekirk

  1. Aberdeen
    Panel stitched by ‘Inverdon Stitchers’:
    Neil McMillan
    Mary Middleton
    Diane Stanley
    Ursula Thompson

Stitched in Bridge of Don

  1. Linwood Begins Production of Hillman Imp
    Panel stitched by ‘Tillicoultry ‘Needles & Gins’:
    Margaret Callander
    Morag Clark
    Shirley Galletly
    Joan Gibson
    Myra Legge
    Gill Pritchard
    Lesley Thornton

Stitched in Devonside, Alva, Tillicoultry, Menstrie and Cambusbarron

  1. Pop Music Booms
    Panel stitched by ‘Jacquie & The Juniors’:
    Imogen Allen
    Jacquie McNally
    Charlie McNally

Stitched in Musselburgh

  1. Glenrothes
    Panel stitched by ‘The Coo’s Tail’:
    Ruby Henderson
    Jan MacArthur
    Patricia Macindoe
    Mairi Stewart

Stitched in Old Kilpatrick, Helensburgh and Glasgow

  1. Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-In, Jimmy Reid, 1971
    Panel stitched by ‘West of Scotland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers’:
    Susan Black
    Margaret Cameron
    Alison Christie
    Lyn Dunachie
    Bron Ellis
    Maryel FitzRandolph
    Jean Mabon
    Liz MacKinlay
    Margaret McBlane
    Joan McDowall
    Christina McLachlan
    Marlen McMaster
    Katie Shirley
    Flora Smith
    Caroline Thomson
    Mary Wilkinson

Stitched in Kilmacolm, Glasgow, Paisley, Fintry and Johnstone

  1. Stop Yer Ticklin Jock! Scottish Comedy
    Panel stitched by the Newport on Tay Group
    Barbara Bell
    Ursula Doherty
    Elizabeth Duke
    Tessa Durham
    Catherine Jones
    Dawn White
    Marilyn Nicholson

Stitched in Dalkeith and Dunbar

  1. The Rise of the SNP, 1974 Elections
    Panel stitched by ‘Stitchers Ecosse’:
    Frances Cohen
    Ruth Currie
    Frances Gardiner
    Rhona MacKenzie
    Linda Watson

Stitched in Longniddry

  1. Scotland at the Movies
    Panel stitched by ‘Boatie Blest Stitchers’:
    Jackie Berg
    John Berg
    Carmel Daly
    Jon Gerard
    Bernie Goslin
    Agnes Greig
    Marion Harkin
    Lucy Hyde
    Shelly Jones
    Gareth Jones
    Jennifer Nesbit
    Bill Peach
    Martine Robertson
    Joyce Souness

Stitched in Port Seton

  1. Scotland’s World Cup Campaign in Argentina, Ally’s Army 1978
    Panel stitched by ‘Allanwater Stitchers’:
    Ann Gambles
    Libby Hughes
    Frances Rankin
    Catriona Whitton

Stitched in Dunblane

  1. Miners’ Strike 1984, Decline of Heavy Industry
    Panel stitched by:
    Agnes Greig
    Pauline O’Brien
    Libby O’Brien

Stitched in Tranent and Prestonpans

  1. Gaelic Resurgence
    Panel stitched by:
    Christine Haynes
    Pauline Elwell

Stitched in Morar

  1. Glasgow European City of Culture 1990
    Panel stitched by:
    Fiona Hamilton

Stitched in East Renfrewshire

  1. Dolly the Sheep Cloned in Edinburgh 1996
    Panel stitched by:
    Yvonne Simpson

Stitched in Orkney

  1. The Scottish Parliament Reconvenes 1999
    Panel stitched by ‘Scissor Sisters’:
    Linda Jobson
    Isobel Reilly
    Dorie Wilkie

Stitched in Eskbank

  1. Parliament of the Ancestors – Parliament for the Future (8 panels)
    Panels stitched by:
    ‘Cupar Needles’
    Ishbel Duncan
    Lisbeth Kervell
    Joyce MacRae

Stitched in Cupar, Ladybank and St Andrews

  1. ‘Liberton Ladies’
    Shirley Dawson
    Sheila Farquhar
    Dorothy Morrison
    Sylvia Robertson
    Ann Weir
    Margaret Wilson

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. ‘Firth of Forth Stitchers’
    Sheila Chambers
    Celia Mainland
    Jenny Mayor
    Isabel Weaver

Stitched in Prestonpans and Port Seton

  1. ‘Hands Sewlo’
    Sheena Dolan

Stitched in Bathgate, West Lothian

  1. ‘Strathmore Stitchers’
    Doris Black
    Nancy Craig
    Mary Daun
    Valona Gouck
    Susan Greaves
    Sheila Hawick
    Nanette Henderson
    Val McDonald
    Tessa Mendez
    Isobel Ovens
    Alison Robertson
    Margaret Stanford
    Issy Valentine
    Irene Ward

Stitched in Alyth, Forfar, Letham, Guthrie and Broughty Ferry

  1. Doreen Scotland
    Nan Duffy
    Dilly Emslie
    Maggie Sturrock
    Teresa Wallace

Stitched in Edinburgh

  1. ‘Sewster Sisters’
    Annabelle Broadhurst
    Alexa Dewar
    Catherine Gerrard
    Willie Grieve
    Fanny Grieve
    Jane Jowitt
    Irene Martin
    Norma McCaskill
    Karen Skilling
    Elspeth Turner

Stitched in Edinburgh and Lasswade

  1. Map of Scotland Today
    Panel stitched by ‘Strathendrick Stitchers’:
    Margaret Burgess
    Lyn Dunachie
    Margaret Gibb
    Margaret Harrison
    Christina McLachlan
    Moira Murray
    Carol Omand
    Morag Proven
    Susan Rhind
    Bette Scott
    Marion Tyson
    Pam Waller
    Heather Wright

Stitched in Glasgow, Milngavie, Fintry, Bearsden, Drymen, Blanefield and Killearn

  1. The North Wind Blows
    Panel stitched by ‘The Red Lichties’:
    Evelyn Chaplain
    Bob Chaplain
    Rena Freeburn
    Janette Nairn
    Eileen Shepherd
    Alice Sim
    Jessy Smart
    Mary Stephen
    Linda Walker
    Margaret Wynne

Stitched in Inverkeilor and Arbroath

  1. Credit Tree
    Panel stitched by:
    Meg Porteous

Stitched in Edinburgh