Salmond's Personal Appeal for Return of Rosslyn Panel

Former First Minister Alex Salmond, MP, has made a very personal, non-political plea to the person who removed the Rosslyn Chapel panel from Kirkcaldy Galleries.

In this video, released to the Press and Journal on September 15, Salmond speaks of the tapestry as “one of the greatest community-based projects in history.” He speaks self-deprecatingly of his own first encounter with the tapestry, when he mistook the crowds outside the Scottish Parliament exhibition for a queue of people waiting for First Minister’s Questions, and describes the crime as not just stealing from individuals but “stealing from the people, from the nation.”

In a heartfelt appeal to the conscience of the thief, he honours the work of Andrew Crummy, the seven Midlothian stitchers who created the Rosslyn Chapel panel, and everyone involved with the project.

Watch and share the video on the Press and Journal site here.